Research internship of Otegulov O.Zh. within the framework of academic mobility

From November 20 to November 27, 2017 at the department of Foreign Philology of ENU a second year MA student of A. Baitursinov Kostanai State University Otegulov Oralbek Zhubanalyuli passed a research internship. The internship was arranged within the framework of academic mobility in accordance with the contract on collaboration between two universitites. The department developed a special program of scientific and research work.


During the visit at ENU the MA student could consult the leading scholars of the department – doctor of philological sciences, professor A.E. Bizhkenova and doctor of philological sciences, professor Duysekova K.K. They analyzed a work plan and theoretical and methodological basis of research.

Besides, Otegulov O.Zh. received an access to all the resources of our library, had an opportunity to work in reading rooms of educational and laboratory building and Otrar library. Research bibliography was significantly extended, particularly, as a result of working in dissertation room, periodicals room and foreign literature department. Moreover, the student was sent to National academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan where he continued his work with dissertations.  

Visiting lectures and practical classes of the scholar of the department was also useful. The student emphasized his positive impressions after the classes of PhD, professor Sarsikeeva G.K., PhD, associate professor a.i. Bekzhanova Zh.E., candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Ayazbaeva A.M. conducted in French and English languages.

In addition to the internship program Otegulov O.Zh. attended a class of the French language of a visiting lector Patricia Karez (France) and participated in her Round table arranged in French Alliance. In spare time he had an opportunity to explore cultural life of the capital city, visiting a concert of organ music and recital of Zhubanish Zhaksenuli organized at ENU.  

On December 28, 2017 at the department meeting the MA student made a conclusion about his work in Astana, shared the results of his scientific search, expressed his gratitude to everybody, especially to the head of the department, doctor of philological sciences Bizhkenova A.E. for the high level organization of his program.