The reporting conference of the research practice of undergraduates was held at the Department of Foreign Philology

            On March 30, 2020, a reporting conference was held on the passage of research practice for undergraduates of the MIFA-22 and MSHFA-22 groups. The reporting conference was held using the Zoom online platform.

           The results of the practice were presented in the form of presentations with subsequent reports. The defense of the reports was chaired by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Department of Foreign Philology - Bizhkenova A.E.

            The members of the commission accepted the defense of the reports: Bulatbaeva K.N. - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Master's program at the Department of Foreign Philology; Beisembaeva G.Z. - PhD, acting Associate Professor, Anafionova M.L. - Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Philology.

            When defending research practice, undergraduates used a presentation with reporting information on events attended and work done with photos.

            The internship program mainly included the work and collection of material in various libraries: university libraries (in the ULK building, “Otyrar”), as well as the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

            Graduate students noted the overwhelming help of their supervisors in the form of consultations that were carried out systematically.

            The importance of passing this research practice was also noted, the acquired skills, abilities, universal and professional competencies were announced. Speakers emphasized the benefits of working with the faculty of the department, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to improve their research skills. The result of passing professional research practice is the formation of skills in conducting scientific research by setting and solving problems on the topic of the dissertation, as well as systematizing the theoretical base accumulated during the training period.

            After the master’s speech, Ph.D., professor Bulatbaeva K.N. and PhD Beisembaeva G.Z. spoke at the undergraduates, noting the invaluable contribution of this practice both in personal development and in the scientific aspect.

            Professor Bulatbaeva K.N. emphasized the research experience of undergraduates of the Russian group, which she led, in solving problems and achieving goals for the research problem. She also noted the ability to determine research methods, to work out and document the result of the study with an analysis of the relevant works of scientists and specialists.

            The members of the commission announced the success of the research practice undergraduates 2 courses.