Mother is the flower of life and the embodiment of happiness

On March 3, 2020, a festive event dedicated to the International Women's Day - March 8 named “Mother is the flower of life and the embodiment of happiness” was held by Tuyakbaeva R.R. and Toybekova S.R., the teachers of the Practical Kazakh Language Department of the Faculty of Philology. The teachers of the Practical Kazakh Language Department and students of the AD-12, GD-12, GK-12, Arch-14, ISiS-12, ShT-12, DB-7 groups took an active part in the celebration. Anarmetov Khayrulla, the student of the ISiS-12 group, acquainted the participants with the history of the holiday. Slides were prepared and interesting information about Kazakh poetesses was presented by Ibraeva Meruert and Omurzakova Anel, the students of the AD-12 group, as well as the information about Kazakhstani female heroes – by Beisova Ayagoz and Azir Akbota, the students of the GD-12 group.  And the guys, the students of the participating groups, presented the girls with songs and küys.

Everyone liked the song “Süyemin seni” performed by Erkinuly Yestay, the student of the DB-7 group, and the küy “Balbyrauyn” by Kurmangazy performed by Uzakbaev Rustam, the student of the ISiS-12 group. The students expressed their gratitude to Sapar, the student of the group GK-11, for the performance of the songs “Anaşım”, “Seni oylaymın” to the accompaniment of the guitar, which was played by Maratov Alisher. They also enjoyed listening to songs about love and life in Kazakh, Russian and English performed by Kalikhanov Miras, the student of the AD-12 group. At the end of the event, all participants sang together the song “Ana twralı jır” by Shamshi Kaldayakov and took pictures for memory.


Practical Kazakh Language Department

 Tuyakbaeva R.R., Toybekova S.R.