Master fellow of ENU was a holder of Diploma “Best Master Student of Kazakhstan - 2019”

The Republican contest "The Best Master Student of Kazakhstan - 2019" is organized by the National Center for Innovation Research "Bilim-Orkenieti" and the Academy of the best students to support educated young scientists of our country. The purpose of the competition is to establish a connection among the talented undergraduates of our republic, to increase their interest in science and expand their innovative ideas. The first-year student of the "Translation Studies" specialty undergraduate Aidana Sembaeva was awarded 1st-degree Diploma and a Badge. In addition, she became a member of The Best Student Academy and received a letter of thanks and a badge. Letters of appreciation were received by Aidana's parents and her supervisor, senior lecturer of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation Boranbaeva S. Aiymgul.