Lecture on digitalization of the economy of Kazakhstan

March 13, 2020 2nd and 3rd year students of the specialty “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​took part in a two-hour lecture of the guest speaker Zhanibek Baidulla, head of CSI Energy Solutions, an independent consulting company “Center for Strategic CSI Group initiatives”.

The topic of the open lecture was dedicated to digitalization of the economy of Kazakhstan, where the speaker clearly demonstrated and discussed with students its new opportunities.

There is an opinion, according to Zhanibek Baidulla, that digitalization has become a key "technology" for many industries to achieve higher efficiency and reduce production costs. As a result of the development of IT analytics tools and an increase in the volume of data, digitalization opens up new horizons in all sectors of the economy. The speaker invited students to discuss several technologies and ideas that became possible only in the "digital world", and how they can influence their future or current career.



The administartion of the department of theory and practice of foreign languages ​​expresses gratitude to the dean of the philological faculty A.B. Beisenbay and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philology for Educational work T.S. Gabdrahman for the idea and the possibility of organizing and conducting such a lecture for senior students who took an active part in the discussions, asked questions that they were interested in and received valuable recommendations and advice on writing a resume in their native and English languages.