Lecture on the topic "Digitalization of the economy - new opportunities"

On March 13, 2020, a lecture was held by the head of CSI Energy Solutions Zhanibek Baidulla in front of students of the Department of Foreign Philology. Topic: Digitalization of the economy - new opportunities.

In particular, the lecturer emphasized the following in his speech: there is an opinion that digitalization has become a key "technology" for many industries to achieve higher efficiency and reduce production costs. As a result of the development of IT analytics tools and an increase in the volume of data, digitalization opens up new horizons in all sectors of the economy.

Zh.Baidulla interested students by discussing individual technologies and ideas that became possible only "in the digital world." The most important thing is how they can influence the career of young people. The lecturer shared with the students interesting information about his life and his career paths. Students listened with interest and asked questions.

At the end of the lecture, the lecturer handed over his contacts and said that he was ready for further cooperation.

Head of the department A.E.Bizhkenova and deputy dean of the Faculty of Philology T.S. Gabdrakhman thanked the lecturer for an interesting lecture.