Сuratorial hour “Labor Law”

Lecturers of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​Ph.D., Associate Professor Zhusupova R.F. and Ph.D., acting Associate Professor Dukembay G.N. spent a curatorial hour on the topic "Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan" in the group of ShT-37.

At the curator hour, the concepts of “labor law”, “labor code”, and the structure of the labor contract were examined. A test was conducted among students on the knowledge of the main provisions of the labor code. The group discussed the test results.

Students presented a film on the topic "Practical Application of the New Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan." The film explained the working conditions of the new Labor Code in order to minimize risks for both companies and the employee, the regulations governing labor relations between the employer and the employee.

An interesting innovation of the Labor Contract of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the Non-Competition Agreement, i.e. restrictions on the employee’s right to hire an employee from another company so that information does not leak, it is prohibited to transfer documents to competitive companies.

The next change in the Labor Code is the procedure for sending an employee to another company, i.e. when an employee can be sent to work in another company, but at the same time he obeys the daily routine of the company where he was sent.

At the end of the curator hour, a discussion was held on the main provisions of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.