02/19/2021, a thematic event was held among students of two groups FL-12 and FL14, curators Baibatyrova A.A. and Ibragimova K.E., as well as teachers of the Department of Foreign language Theory and Practice of the Philological Faculty of L.N. Gumilyov ENU. in online format on the Microsoft Teams platform.

 Goals of the curatorial hour:

- to understand the essence of religion, the reasons for its occurrence and diversity;

- to bring to an understanding of the importance of religion for the development of society;

- to present cross-cutting issues of the topic;

- contribute to fostering a sense of respect among students for representatives of different faiths;

- to expand the historical knowledge and understanding of students

- contribute to fostering interest in the culture of Kazakhstan and the world in general.

Interesting topics were discussed, presentations were prepared on the history of the emergence of various religions, and a quiz was held. Students actively participated in the curatorial hour; presented interesting facts, myths in the form of slides.

The result was summed up by the curators, invited teachers and the students themselves, who expressed a desire to conduct thematic curatorial hours more often.