"One goal, one interests, one future"

In 20.01.2018 the curatorial hour "One goal, one interests, one future" was held in the group ИЯН-22 which was led by the guidance of the teacher of the Department of Foreign Philology Amirzhanova A.M.. The goal of the event was the formation of citizenship, patriotism of students, personalities aware of the public duty and linking their destiny with the future of their state, realizing that in the implementation of these steps, our participation is also necessary.

         The President summarized the results of the work done last year in his new message: launched the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan; the Industrialization Program is being successfully implemented; a comprehensive program "Digital Kazakhstan" was adopted; a comprehensive Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025 was developed. The message defines priorities that we have to do for successful navigation and adaptation.

 1. Industrialization should become the flagship of the introduction of new technologies.

2. Further development of the resource potential.

3. "Smart technologies" - a chance for a breakthrough in the development of the agro-industrial complex.

4. Increasing the efficiency of transport and logistics infrastructure.

5. Introduction of modern technologies in construction and municipal sector.

 6. "Reloading" of the financial sector.

7. Human capital is the basis of modernization.

A new quality of education.

It will be necessary to revise the approaches to training and the development of teachers' qualifications.

In higher education, it is necessary to increase the number of graduates trained in information technology, work with artificial intelligence and "large data".

It is required to strengthen the retraining of teachers, to attract foreign managers to universities, to open campuses of world universities.

First class health care and a healthy nation.

Qualitative employment and an equitable social security system.

The pension system is  completely tied to the work record.

8. Effective public administration.

 9. Fighting corruption and the rule of law.

 10. "Smart cities" for the "smart nation"