A round table Ethno - cultural image of a Kazakh girl

On December 12 in 2017 Department of Foreign Languages conducted a round table devoted to the theme “Ethno - cultural image of a Kazakh girl” with junior students of not language specialties. Associate Professor Tusupova G.K., senior teachers Khamitova A.G., Arystankulova G.U., Nurbekova G.Zh., and Tazhitova  G.Z. have been responsible for carrying out this activity. The main aims of the activity were to promote expansion of the general outlook, to develop cognitive interest and to enrich spiritually, and cultivate respect for universal and national values.

             The first and second year students of the following specialties “Kazakh language and literature, “Tourism”, “Civil Construction”, “Finance”,  “GLM”, «TTTT”, “Tourismparticipated in the round table. Participants have actively expressed the opinions concerning the issue of the round table, image of the modern Kazakh girl, the making elements of an ethno cultural image of the modern girl, influence of other cultures, and manifestation of an ethno cultural image in society, in everyday life. By results of discussions participants made generalizations and conclusions.


            A. Amirbergen, T. Nurasyl, N. Mukanova, A. Zhaksylyk, D. Hamit, Kapiyetov K., M.Elemes, N. Kusainova, A. Amirbek, M. Elemes, D. Тursynbai, R. Abilkasym, A. Zhaksylyk have been the most active participants at the event showing the abilities to comprehend deeply and to express correctly the discussed problems.