«Kuren kuz – saginish»

The literary and creative organization of philological faculty «Alka» have held a competition «Kuren kuz – saginish» among young talents in honor of a birthday of the famous writers M.Auesov and O.Bokey. Everyone who seeks to develop our Kazakh literature participated in a competition. Students of our university participated in this competition. All students have proved to be from the best party and have composed the best verses. All students sought to receive prize-winning places. The student of faculty information technologies Gulzhan Shunuskhan has received 1st place, also the student of philological faculty Rayymbekov Samat has received the 2nd place. And all participants of a competition were given gifts and grateful letters. The professor of our facilty R.S. Trysbek and the deputy dean for work with students of philological faculty G.A. Abdimaulen have given to all participants diplomas and presents. They have thanked all and have wished all good luck. And at the end of a round table all participants were photographed for memory.