A recitation contest for non-linguistic specialties "Read the poems of Abai in English"

On November 24, 2020 according to the plan  of the Department of foreign languages senior lecturers A.A.Dusengalieva ., G. M. Musabaeva, organized a recitation contest for non-linguistic specialties "Read the poems of Abai in English" in celebration of the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet, composer and public figure Abai Kunanbaiuly with the participation of 1st year students of of Eurasian National University.

          The main goals of this competition are to preserve the heritage of Kazakh literature for the future generation, introduce young people to its study, popularize the works of Abai among the younger generation and to develop a sense of patriotism.

        The participants prepared informative presentations and told a fascinating story about the life and work, the role and importance of Abai's works in the life of the Kazakh people. At the same time, the students demonstrated a deep understanding of the words of edification and showed a true interest in the work of the great poet. The organizers and guests noted that it is in the words of edification that you can find answers to many questions. The value of Abay's work is that the thinker managed to combine all his knowledge and observations into one small book. During the event, students read and performed Abay's works. The most lively interest was aroused by musical numbers on dombra performed by Fazylova Aisaulem (gr. Mat-15) "Zhelsiz Tunde Zharyk Ai", "Kozimnin karasy". Bazarbay Aruzhan (Mekh-11) told very interesting stories about the poem "Iskander" and read the 1 word of Abay. Marat Moldir and Urban Akbota (gr.MCM-11) by heart and expressive read poems in the Kazakh and English languages "Dala darispani", "Spring", "Motherland", "Senbe zhurtka  tursada kansha maktap"

       In conclusion, the delegates shared their impressions and wishes, expressing the idea that poetic works are educational in nature and make you think about what precepts the poet left, how much we follow these precepts, how much we strive to master the knowledge that Abay aimed in that difficult time.