Conference on School Placement in School-Lyceum 27

On December 22, 2017 the Foreign Languages ​​ Theory and Practice Department of the Faculty of Philology, headed by candidate of philology Beisembayeva Zh.A., held a methodical conference “TOPICAL ISSUES IN ORGANIZING PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL PLACEMENT IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS” with a venue in School-Lyceum of Astana No. 27.

The major purpose of the conference was to discuss topical issues and problems arising in the process of organizing and conducting professional placement in Kazakhstani schools on the part of placement supervisors, school teachers and interns themselves – students with a major in 5B011900 – “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”.

The moderator of the conference – Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Doctor of Philology, Professor Zharkynbekova Sh.K. – in her speech noted the importance of holding such events, which are a platform for discussing the joint activity of the university and the school in the field of organizing and conducting school placement and the exchange of experience between university lecturers and school teachers in the methodology of teaching foreign languages. Today, the requirements for school leavers are quite high, since the knowledge of foreign languages, in particular English, is a requirement of the modern labor market. Head of School-Lyceum No. 27 Myrzaliyeva G.U. presented brief information about her institution, and expressed her hope for further close cooperation with the Eurasian National University, about the possibility of opening a branch of the university on the basis of School-Lyceum No. 27. The director of the Department for Academic Affairs of the L.N. Gumilev ENU Palymbetov Sh.B. noted the importance of the role of the employer in shaping the professional skills of the future teacher and the school’s participation in the development of educational programs for training future teachers. Head of Professional Placement of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU Kilibayeva U.K. thanked the administration of School-Lyceum No. 27 in the person of the director Myrzaliyeva G.U. and noted that the Faculty of Philology conducts a second event of a similar nature for the current semester. The interaction of the university responsible for the preparation of future teachers and teachers of foreign languages, and the school that employs a graduate of a university should be as close as possible not only within the framework of school placement, but also in the formation of the curriculum and in determining the graduate’s professional competencies. Schools of Astana highly mark the level of training of ENU graduates and are always ready to take an active part in seminars and conferences on professional placement.

Special interest in the work of the methodical conference was aroused by the reports of the members of the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department: candidate of pedagogy, professor Zhusupova R.F. and M.A. Zhasarova D.G., a foreign student of the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department ​​– 2nd year master student Jose Baez Umberto Estrada, English language teacher of Secondary School No. 38 Tuitina Z.K. and 4tyh year students with a major in 5B011900 – “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” Kairgaliyeva T., Bayasilova K. and Sagitova D. The reports touched upon such important issues of professional placement as updated requirements for teachers of foreign languages ​​in the conditions of multilingualism, polylingual culture of schoolchildren, the importance of school placement separately from studying process and much more.

The methodical conference was finished with the delivery of Letters of Appreciation to the directors and English language teachers of schools in Astana,No. 3, No. 5, No. 22, No. 27, No. 31, No. 37, No. 38, No. 72, No. 73 on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Philology of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU Zharkynbekova Sh.K.

It is planned to hold such an event on the basis of several schools in the next academic year!