“Translation studies” team took second place in Russian language Olympiad.

Within the Decade of Russian language that is being held at the faculty of philology from 6th to 16th December, on 8th December department of theoretical and applied linguistics held a Russian language Olympiad among 1-2 years, where our team “Translation studies” took second place after “Russian philology” team.

12 teams of different specialties participated in the Olympiad: the Honor of our Department was defended by the first-year students of group AI-13. Members of the team are: Akimbayeva Ayazhan, Manap Diana, Zhanazholova Aziza, Amanzhol Ramida, Omar Aigerim.

During the solemn opening of the Olympiad, Zhuravleva Evgenia, the head of the Department of theoretical and applied linguistics, and Zharkynbekova Sholpan Kuzarovna, the Dean of the faculty of Philology, made an opening speech and congratulated the participants.

The jury was particularly impressed by our students, that they were open, resourceful and the most fun of all the teams.

The participants of the Olympiad were satisfied and thanked the organizers:


“The Olympiad was rather interesting, because the process was unusual. Everything was fun, the ambassadors were very kind and helpful, which was very important for us. Loved it. Thanks to the organizers!” – Akimbayeva AyazhanAI-13.