An American Professor Elka Todeva visited the chair of Theory and Practice of Foreign languages

On November 22, 2017, the Chair of the Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages  of the Faculty of Philology  was  visted  by Dr. PhD Elka Todeva, Professor of Applied Linguistics from the SIT  (School for International Training Graduate Institute) in New York, ESL Specialist, working on intercultural communication, Chairman of the GFHR Committee, international expert, developer of a number of programs and methods of teaching foreign languages, TV host of several American channels, consultant, coach, simultaneous interpreter of UNESCO, a member of the US National Asset, the Fulbright scholar.

          The purpose of the visit of the honored guest was acquaintance with the national education system, exchange of experience in matters of professional development, organization of consulting support and leadership in education.



Teaching staff of the Faculty of Philology (Chair of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, and  chair of General Linguistics and Translation Theory), foreign teachers  of  University  Edita Denst Garcia and David Cerezo Montoya and students of the first year of the specialty "5B011900 - Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages" listened to a 2-hour lecture by the American professor on corpus linguistics. The lecture went smoothly to the workshop, where all participants received valuable advice on working on active vocabulary, using Internet technologies, and also discussed with the professor important aspects of the translation process (accounting pragmatics in translation, organization of the process and the technique of simultaneous translation