Final conference on psychological and pedagogical practice of 2nd year students "7B01718 - Russian language and literature"

On April 29, 2022, the final conference on psychological and pedagogical practice of 2nd-year students of the OP "7B01718 - Russian language and Literature" was held on the Microsoft Teams platform. Pedagogical practice took place on the basis of Lyceum school No. 28 from January 17 to April 23, 2022.

The head of the department, E.A. Zhuravleva, noted that the psychological and pedagogical practice of students at school is an important part of the training of future teachers. The effectiveness of the practice depends on its organization, on how well each of its participants, whether it is the head of the practice or an intern student, knows and understands its goals and objectives, its place in the formation of a future teacher. During the practice, students master the skills and abilities of pedagogical activity and acquire professionally significant personality qualities.

The students presented detailed reports-presentations about the work done during the internship. They enthusiastically talked about the first lessons held, about extracurricular activities, about students, about their small methodological successes. Many words of gratitude were said to the teachers-mentors. Deputy Director of the PO Khailitdinova G.R., teachers Baizhanova Sh.A., Karimbayeva B.E., Sergeeva I.P. Malkova E.N. assessed the work of interns, noting the activity, responsibility, interest, creativity and efficiency of individual students.

Lyceum School No. 28 has considerable experience in organizing practical training for university students. Summing up the results of the conference, Associate Professor Galieva B.H. stressed that by accepting interns from year to year, the school has developed an effective system for distributing students into classes, groups, choosing mentors, conducting methodological consultations, thanks to which the school has developed traditions of effective interaction of the teaching staff with interns and university staff.