The final conference on the pedagogical practice of students Sht-33, Sht-37 and Sht-39

05.10.2020 the final conference was held on the professional practice of students in the 3rd year of the educational program 5В011900 - “Foreign language: two foreign languages”.

The conference began at 10.00, the time allotted for reports of students of groups: SHT-33, 37, 39-from 17.00-19.00. Representatives of ENU, representatives of pedagogical practice bases - schools -51.66, 81, 87 were invited. Despite a lot of work, participation in conferences of other departments, the head of the practice of L.N. Gumilyov ENU, Kilibaeva U. K. made a welcoming speech. Conference moderator, Head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, Beisembaeva Zh.A. welcomed all conference participants and announced the sequence of speakers and the time limit.


SHT -33 students: Sarsenova Z., Adal G. (81 gymnasium), Shalkarova S., Kumarbekova A. (66 lyceum), Marypkhan S., Yerlankyzy A. (51 gymnasium), Bolatova A., Berzhan G . (Abay Kunanbayev 87 gymnasium) demonstrated their presentations. Reports on practice at the gymnasium 51 were performed by students of the SHT -37 group — Seit A., Utepova A., Toktasynova N. The students of  ShT-39 group — Aitzhan E., Akhmetova A., Amangeldi A., Erbolatkyzy I. and the ShT-37 group Tursynbay B. demonstrated presentations on the results of practice in Abay Kunanbaev  87 gymnasium.

The leaders of the practice and mentors of third-year students from the practice bases took an active part in the conference: Sapasheva Gulbadam Satkalievna - gymnasium №51; Mizanbaeva Farida Sansyzbaevna - “School-Lyceum №51”; Babasheva Asiya Meirambaevna - “Abay Kunanbaev School-gymnasium № 87 "; Aydakpelova Makpal Toyshybekkyzy - “Lyceum School № 66”; Kachkovskaya Gulbanu Alpysbaevna - “Specialized School № 81“ Astana English School ”; Padsabaev Masat Ergeshel - Abay Kunanbaev School-gymnasium № 87. Heads of practice from basic schools shared their impressions of the lessons held, the participation of the 3rd  year students in educational activities. All school teachers expressed a desire to see our students again next year at their schools. Noting the professional approach to conducting lessons, communicating with school students, and educational material provided for conducting lessons online and offline. Presentations were made by conductors of the practice from the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​ Narmukhametova N. M., Doldinova S.A. The conductors of the practice from the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge: Botabaeva A.E., Rakhimzhanova M.M., Asylbaeva M.P. also praised our students, their sufficient results and their willingness to participate in all forms of practice.