Concluding Conference of Online Teaching Practice of 2nd year MA student.

On December 15, 2020, the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department hosted an extensive concluding conference on the results of the pedagogical practice of the 2nd year master students whose major is “7М01719 – Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”. 2nd year master students of groups М019-1719-19-01, М019-1719-19-02, М019-1719-19-03 undertook an online teaching practice in the current semester from September 01 to December 12, 2020 (15 weeks).

For the first seven weeks it was a passive teaching practice when master students attended online classes of teachers-mentors, developed their own exercise systems and their own methodological models, tested students of various ENU faculties to determine the level of their English proficiency and developed their own pedagogical experiment. For the next eight weeks, active practice started and master students conducted independent classes (6 hours a week) in the presence of a teacher-mentor in two groups of university students – control group and experimental group. Each master student held an open door class in the period between 13th and 15th weeks with the presence of a special commission.

The moderator of the concluding conference was the head of the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department ​​of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU Zhanna A. Beisembaeva. The organizer of the concluding conference on pedagogical practice was the coordinator of the professional practice of master students of the department, PhD Lyazzat Zh. Beisenbaeva. Master students presented their PPTs to the online conference commission where they tried to reflect the main results of their pedagogical experiments, research methods used, test results of the students of the control and experimental groups, as well as the reporting documentation. In order to collect the reporting documents of the 2nd year master students of the major “7M01719 – Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”, supervisors of pedagogical practice developed a virtual shelf through the Padlet online program and provided all the master students with access to download their reporting documents: diary, report, protocol of attending an open lesson, handouts and screenshots.