Research practice of doctoral students majoring in "Literary" studies

According to the academic calendar in the period from 10 February to 21 March 2020 doctoral students 2nd year students of specialty "6D021400 – Literary criticism" Abakanova A. O., by Jumabaeva A. T., S. B. Suleimenova was passed research practice. Doctoral students conduct research in the field of literary studies on such topical issues as " Neomyphologism and intertextuality in postmodern novels (based on the novels of V. O. Pelevin, N. N. Verevochkin, D. V. Korotkov). Nakipova)", "Chekhov's traditions in Kazakh drama", " Ways to transfer the national identity of Kazakh literature to English. Based on the material of M. Auezov's prose of the 20-30s".

On March 28, 2020, the scientific leaders of the Department of Russian Philology of the faculty of Philology of the L. N. Gumilyov ENU accepted reports on the research practice of doctoral students of the 2nd year of study in the distance learning system. The final conference on research practice was organized on the educational online platform Zoom.

During the final conference, young scientists shared their experience of research work, as well as the results achieved, teachers of the Department asked questions, made comments and gave valuable advice.