Information about carrying out the game titled "Brain ring" in German at the Foreign languages department of the Faculty of Philology

On November 28, 2017 at the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University of the Faculty of Philology the game "Brain ring" in German was carried out. First year students of non-linguistic specialties of the Eurasian national university and Eurasian Humanitarian Institute participated in this game. Two teams "Stern" and "Weltall" were presented. Each team had 8 students.

The program of "Brain ring" included the next competitions:

1. Warm-up "Blitz game".

2. Personal offset.

3. Competition of captains.

4. Field’s game "Your Game".

Students were very active during warm-up "Blitz game" and they were very resourceful and quick.

The arrangement of this game could  promote the students expansion of their general outlook, development and training of their attention, memory, thinking, cognitive interest and the education of positive and personal qualities, such as responsibility, goodwill, independence, persistence, honesty, diligence;  and the development of the students unprepared speech as well.

 According the competition’s results the Stern team gained 119 points and took the first place and the Weltall team had 93 points and took the 2nd place.


All stages of a competition were estimated by senior lecturers of Foreign languages departments of ENU and EHI Akhmetkarimova K.M. and Abdrakhimova U.Z.