The Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Philological Faculty of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University is going to conduct the Republican Olympiad on English Language among students of 1st and 2nd year of non-language specialties, which is dedicated to the revival of the spiritual values ​​of the youth of Kazakhstan. The Olymdiad will take place on March 20, 2018.

Theme of the Olympiad: “Spiritual Revival

Organizer: Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilev.

Chairman of the organizational commission: Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, c.p.s., associate professor Sagimbayev D.E.


Goals and objectives:

The main goals and tasks of the Olympiad are to develop student youth in the modern world, where knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a key factor in forming a competitive young specialist. The Republican Olympiad in English provides modern students the opportunity to express their views and their vision of Kazakhstan, society and its consciousness in the future.

Annual holding of the Olympiad contributes to the development of modern higher education, the identification of talents and the disclosure of the intellectual potential of students.


The Republiс English Language Olympiad of students will be held in two rounds.

Forms of tasks:

I round. Testing (based on materials of the international standard) - level B1 / B2;

The right to participate in the next round of the Olympiad is awarded to the participants who collect the highest score for each round in the individual competition.

II round. Competition of the homework: presentation of the project work on the theme "Spiritual Revival" (7 minutes regulation).

The program of the Republican Olympiad