Subject Olympiad in foreign languages

January 13, the Department of Foreign Philology ENU after L.N. Gumilyov with the active support and participation of the Education Department under the Akimat of Astana and the Center for Professional Guidance and Testing of the L.N. Gumilyov named after ENU held a city-wide subject Olympiad in foreign languages. The main goal of this event is to attract the best graduates of the city's schools to language specialties in ENU. 

The Olympiad was organized for the first time on the basis of the school-gymnasium No. 74 in Astana. Great support in holding the Olympiad was provided by the school's management - the principal Nusipzhan Zh.T. and the head teacher of the school Baytas G.B.

In the official opening and greeting of participants took part pro-rector of ENU named after L.N.Gumilyov Somzhurek B.Zh., Methodist of the Center for Modernization of the Education Management under the Akimat of Astana city Amirgaliyeva D.K., deputy director for the science of school-gymnasium No. 74 Baytas G.B. The opening ceremony and all further work was led by the chairman of the jury of the Olympiad, the head of the department of foreign philology, Doctor of Philology, Professor A. Ye. Bizhkenova.

Over 220 people took part in the Olympiad. 96%Of these study English and 2% German and French. Among the participants there are graduates of forty one schools,among them - school-gymnasium "Zerde", linguistic gymnasium №5, lyceum №1. The assembly hall of the school practically did not accommodate all comers. This increased interest in the olympiad is due to the importance of knowledge of foreign languages for choosing a future profession and the increased responsibility of young people to the formation of linguistic skills.

At registration of participants the question on a choice of the future place of training was asked. 153 people or 68% expressed a desire to enter the ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov. This is the overwhelming majority and a good indicator that the university has a high rating among the graduates of 2018, which allows us to hope that the Foreign Philology Department will also form a qualitative contingent of students for the next academic year.

The subject Olympiad in three foreign languages ​​consisted of two rounds - written and oral. On the written tour it was suggested to perform a lexico-grammatical test (25 minutes), read the text in a foreign language and perform 10 tasks (20 minutes), listen to the listening and answer 10 questions on the content of the text (10 minutes). The main criterion was the implementation of 75% of the proposed tasks. To the oral round, 48 participants were admitted who withstood the main criterion of the written round of the Olympiad. The oral conversation involved a participant's monologue on one of the 15 topics and answers to the questions of the commission members. The main criteria for oral conversation were the vocabulary used, the grammatical correctness of speech and the correct pronunciation, as well as the ability of logical and critical thinking and argumentation of the answer.

As a result, the winners of the Olympiad were: 1 place English - Sarbakysh Nurali (school-gymnasium "Zerde"), German - Krovitskaya Anastasia (school-gymnasium № 31), French - Salykova Elmira (school-gymnasium №3); 2 place English - Zhumabekov Sanzhar (secondary school №6), Dosayeva Mariyam (school-gymnasium No. 31); 3 place English - Mysaganova Akzharkyn (secondary school № 80), Yeskalalieva Aliya (lyceum № 1), Umurzakov Timur (lyceum № 1), French - Abzhanova Aziza, German - Telman Saida (secondary school № 80).

5 people were awarded with letters of gratitude from ENU named after LN Gumilev. Among them: Lem Alexander (school №6), Raktaeva Assel (school №5), Serikova Rauan (school-grammar school "Zerde"), Yeskulova Dayan (school-gymnasium №74), Seitova Dana (school №50).


In summing up the results, the Deputy Director of the Center for Career Guidance and Testing of the ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov Egeubaeva L.B., the graduate of the Presidential program "Bolashak" in Great Britain, the teacher of the department of foreign philology Tleuova N.D., the teacher of English language school №31 of Astana city, the graduate of the department of foreign philology thanked organizators. The teacher expressed gratitude to the department and ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov for holding such an important event.