Thanksgiving is a gift

Today, on March 1, at the Faculty of Philology, together with the 3rd year students of the Department of Kazakh Linguistics, the curator of the group Sarekenova K.K. organized an online concert "Thanksgiving is a gift". The main purpose of the concert is to thank each other for their presence, well-being and good education.

Thanksgiving Day is, first of all, a celebration of peace and harmony, which laid the foundations of peace and harmony, mutual trust and respect for all Kazakhstanis in our country. This is a sign of deep respect for the sacred Kazakh land and the hospitable Kazakh people, who have become a blessed home for millions of people of different nationalities who were forcibly resettled to the land of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh people together managed to endure hardships in difficult times, which today has become a moral measure of moral relations between people of different nationalities in the country.