А hour of Independence

December 4, 2017 under the organization of the teachers of the department of practical Kazakh language Sh.K. Isakulova and D.S. Iliyasova an educational hour was held under the title "In the name of independence our hearts are beating." Students of transport-energy and historical faculties took part in this event. The ceremony was opened by the head of the department, assoc. Prof. K.S. Kulmanov.

Students of the T-12 group saluted the memory of such kazakh boys and girls who were victims of the December events, like Kairat Ryskulbekov, Lazzat Asanova, Erbol Sypataev, Sabira Mukhametzhanova, and students of the group SzhS-12 showed the performance Kairat Ryskulbekov's  «Aktyk soz» («The last word»).


At the same time, the audience listened with special pleasure to the kyu "Balbyrauyn" performed by Zhasybayev Alan, a student of the group Ge-12 .By the end of the event, all the students sang the song «Kok tudyng zhelbіregeni» («Flapping of the blue flag»). Students and teachers together took a photo for memory.