Charitable action "Let's help children!"

In civilized countries, charity is the norm of life. You can engage in this activity without detaching yourself from your profession. For example, to give things that you do not need to those who need them, or to sacrifice money in favor of a needy family.

This is exactly what the teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Eurasian National University did. Teachers of our department collected money and things for the low-income family of Nurzhanova Gulbakhyt.

The teachers of our department are Otyzbaeva K.Zh., Smagulova MG, Mukanova SK, Chulakova Z.U., Onlaskan Zh.B. personally went to visit this family. Gulbahyt told about her hard life and the difficulties she and her children are experiencing at this moment. A 45-year-old woman has five children and a grandson, among whom there is a disabled son. Gulbahyt alone raises children and very much in need of this kind of support. The children were delighted with toys and sweets and their mother was touched by our care and attention.

     The personal information of this family was gladly provided by the public foundation "Dar", and also presented letters of appreciation.