The talk-lecture on the topic "Youth extremism: causes and prevention"

On 16 March 2021 teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Ustelimova N.A. and Kasenova A.B. a talk-lecture was held on the topic "Youth extremism: causes and prevention." The event was attended by students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

The purpose of this event was to promote the rejection of extremism and terrorism among young people. During the conversation-lecture, the following tasks were pursued: the formation of a negative attitude towards violence and aggression in any form; the formation of respect and recognition for oneself and for people, for their culture; development of the ability to interethnic and interreligious interaction; development of the ability for tolerant communication, for constructive interaction with representatives of society, regardless of their affiliation and worldview;

The opening remarks were made by the teacher of Foreign languages department Kasenova A.B., explaining the goals and objectives of the meeting, gave basic definitions to the key aspects of the topic. Further, the students made prepared presentations, shared their views on the causes of this problem in Kazakhstan and in the world as a whole.

We have to state the fact that, along with the positive characteristics of the younger generation, alarming symptoms of the socio-political infantilism of youth began to appear; loss of national cultural identity; manifestations of individualism and egocentrism, authoritarian orientation in communication, demands for agreement with one's own position while ignoring someone else's point of view, militant nationalism; diversification of cultural and spiritual values, the lack of life prospects for young people and the prospects for self-actualization.

Then the students were offered a video, at the end of the viewing of which the students animatedly discussed some of the issues raised in it. During the conversation and exchange of views, the participants in the conversation were unanimous that today's youth should be ready to resist political manipulation and extremist calls.