The lecture- discussion on the theme "International tolerance - the path to peace and harmony"

On the 26th of February, 2021 teachers of Foreign Languages Department of the Faculty of Philology Zhanaeva Zh. A. and Zhandildinova A. M. held a lecture- discussion on the theme "International tolerance - the path to peace and harmony" dedicated to the Day of gratitude with the 1- year students RET-12 and AU-17 in online format on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The purpose of this event was to discuss with students the importance of being tolerant towards all nationalities and cultures, especially in such a multinational society as in Kazakhstan.

At first, the students of both groups presented their prepared reports in the form of presentations, where they spoke in general about the Declaration of the Principles of Tolerance, about the International Day of Tolerance and about hospitable people of Kazakhstan, that are famous for the fact that many nationalities live in peace and harmony together. Later, there was a discussion of various issues related to the importance of being tolerant and the definition of the qualities that a tolerant person should and should not have.

The educational event was also timed to the week of gratitude. And according to that the video was preformed about the Ingush and Chechens honor their dead and thank the people of Kazakhstan, who accepted and helped them in the difficult post-war time after being evicted from their native lands. To give a more accurate understanding to the students about how difficult it was for people at that time, and so that they would hear for what they thank the Kazakh people, an introductory video was shown and a lecture-discussion on this topic was held with students. The students were very moved by the stories of those people who lived through that time and shared their stories on video. They also expressed that they feel great pride for the people of Kazakhstan, who are always ready to help their neighbor despite any obstacles.

To deepen the knowledge and motivate students, a test was prepared on the Kahoot platform on general information on the topic of Tolerance. Students from both groups actively participated in the quiz and showed that they prepared well and studied the topic related to the principles of tolerance. At the end of the event, there was a final discussion on the topic of the conversation. Students were especially lively discussing and put forward various proposals on how to bring up tolerant, respectful and benevolent youth.

Information and innovative technologies were used during the event. All tasks were interactive.

The event was very lively. Students learned a lot of new information, as well as shared their personal experience and knowledge.