Speech and Intercultural Communication Humanitarian education: the challenges of time New in domestic and foreign literary criticism








The Department of Foreign Philology of the Faculty of Philology of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University together with the Center for Modernization of Education in Astana holds April 5, 2019 VII International Scientific and Methodological Seminar on the topic:

«Actual issues of foreign philology and linguodidactics in the light of new tendency in the development of humanitarian education and intercultural communication»


The role and place of foreign languages in the system of modern vocational education Modern trends and approaches in linguistic research

Speech and Intercultural Communication Humanitarian education: the challenges of time New in domestic and foreign literary criticism


The seminar will be attended by leading domestic and foreign scientists. The seminar involves the online connection of participants by prior agreement. Researchers in the field of philology and linguodidactics, teachers of higher schools, teachers of schools and secondary vocational schools, employees of scientific research institutes, and officials of educational authorities are also invited to participate.


Languages of the seminar: Kazakh, Russian, English, German, French.


Materials will be published in a separate collection prior to the workshop. The collection is assigned an international registration number ISBN, the electronic version is posted on the university website.

Cost of participation - 4000 tg. ($ 10). Payment is made to the number: Kaspi GOLD 5169 4931 3663 2737 Markhaba Smagulova or in cash at the Department of Foreign Philology at the address: Munaitpasov 11, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, educational laboratory building (ULC), Faculty of Philology, room 222.


The organizing committee reserves the right to select materials for publication.

Requirements for the presentation of the text of the report:

1. The text of the report is not more than 7 and not less than 5 pages (A4, MS Word format) and should be submitted in Word format (1998-XP);

2. Fields of pages: all sides - 2 cm;

3. Font: Times New Roman, size 14, spacing - single;

4. The title of the report is printed in bold type in capital letters of 14 size, alignment - in the center; through the line - the name of the author (s) in lowercase italics and bold; on the next line - place of work (without abbreviations), city, country, on the next line - e-mail (in italics); in one line - the main text; at the end of the text - a list of references;

5. Signatures to the pictures in lower case letters, size 10, alignment - in the center;

6. Attach annotation in Kazakh (Russian) and English (40-50 words) and keywords (5-7 units) to the report.

7. References are given in square brackets ([21, p.211]) as used in the text.

8. An invitation to participants is sent by the organizing committee by e-mail two weeks before the start of the seminar.


Costs associated with arrival, departure and accommodation, paid by members.


Applications for participation are accepted until March 20, 2019 by e-mail seminar.enu2019@gmail.com (marked “Seminar”) or at the address: Kazakhstan, Astana, K.Munaytpasov 11, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Faculty of Philology, Department of Foreign Philology, room. 222. Telephone for information: 8 (7172) 709-500 (ext.32-318), contact person - Smagulova Marhaba Gizatovna (8701 999 73 86).


Seminar location:

Astana, K.Munaytpasov st. 11, Educational and laboratory building of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, room 224.


Beginning of the seminar: 10.00


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