“The sacral geography of Kazakhstan”

Within the framework of Road map for the implementation of main provisions of Program article of the head of state N.A.Nazarbayev “The Сourse to the future: spiritual enlightenment”, that was developed by ENU named after L. N. Gumilev, a number of educational events were planned by the school of Russian philology in order to form and reinforce students’ patriotic spirit. One of the organized events was Round Table, dedicated to the topic of sacral geography of Kazakhstan, that was held on April 20, 24,  2018 by the teachers Kultursynova F.B., Maybalayeva A. A, Tusupova A.K and Kuluspayeva S. B. Participants of the round table were 1st year students of school of natural science with major in geography, gydrology and 2nd year students of school of Economics with major in local and state management. Each of the participants prepared the report and presentation about one of the hundred sites that were included to the list of the sacral places of Kazakhstan.  Those present as if made two-hour virtual journey to the sacred places of our Motherland, most of which were heard for the first time.

Both training and educational goals were achieved during the event. The participation in Round table helped not only to reinforce the patriotism, broaden students’ mind and deepen knowledge in history and geography, but also it facilitated addition of the vocabulary and terminology, learning public presentation skills, searching and processing the information and formation of teamwork skills. The role of the hosts were taken by students of GG-11 group – Aizhan Muratova and Islamkhan Sagyndykov. The event started with the anthem of Republic of Kazakhstan, and in continuation Azhar Moldahmet, student of the gg-11, performed a beautiful composition “Akerker Zhaiyk” on kobyz.