"Independence - is the pride of every citizen of Kazakhstan"

On December 16, Kazakhstan citizens celebrate the main country's holiday - Independence Day. This holiday is important for all peoples living in multinational Kazakhstan. For 26 years of Independence, Kazakhstan has achieved a lot, this period has become for our country an era of progress and sustainable development.

On the eve of Independence Day celebrations teachers of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics of the Philological Faculty D.S. Tashimkhanova, A.K. Eshekenova with the students of the 2nd year of specialties "Russian Philology", "Russian Language and Literature" for the sake of patriotic and moral education of students, held a round table "Independence is the pride of every citizen of Kazakhstan”. 

The participants of the round table made presentations on the stages of independence formation, about the country's enormous transformations in the economic, political and social areas: " Тәуелсіздік әр бір Қазақстандықтың абройы " (D.S. Tashimkhanova); "Political and legal foundations of sovereignty" (A.K. Eshekenova); "Patriotic act «Мәңгілік Ел» (B. Sanakov); "The fundamentals of Kazakhstan's peace and harmony" (J. Tokasheva). The participants spoke about the achievements of Kazakhstan during the years of independence, discussed the issues of reforming the educational area that allowed Kazakhstan to occupy a worthy place in the world educational area.

Carrying out such events contributes to the increase of the moral development of the individual, civic activity of youth, the formation of citizenship and patriotism.

Authors: Tashimkhanova D.S., Eshekenova A.K.