«And so they called her just Tatyana…»

«All poets - I note here, for it is pertinent -

Are friends of imaginary loves»

(A.S. Pushkin)


The world of theater is beautiful. The theater is a combination of poetry, drama, great music and dance. The external attributes of the theater are also beautiful. these are crystal chandeliers, velvet curtains, velour armchairs.  Millions of people are involved in the great theatrical art.

Students of specialty «Engineering systems and networks-11» and teacher of the Russian language department of Russian philology Zhantogulova G.U. visited the Russian Drama Theater named after  М. Gorky. Many students visited the theater for the first time and they really liked the modern interpretation of the classical work. The director of the play was the famous Russian director Yuri Kvyatkovskоу.

The viewer was given the opportunity to enjoy the modern interpretation of Pushkin with popular novorats, gadgets, recitative, modern dances and the play of light. When staging the performance, stereotypes related to Pushkin's novel broke down. The actors chose a new way to tell a famous love story. The students said that it was interesting to see first the classical interpretation of the work, and then - the modern one.