"Honesty is a matter of conscience"

On October 18 at 12:00 at the Department of Kazakh Linguistics of the Philological Faculty of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov online loyalty hour called "Honesty is a matter of conscience" was held which was organized by the curator G.B. Mamaeva on the Microsoft Teams virtual site. This event was attended by the head of the department of Kazakh linguistics K.T. Malikov and teachers, K. Sarekenova, S.S. Shokabayeva, MB Baymukhanbetova, as well as 2nd year students of the educational program "Philology: Kazakh language". During the educational hour, the main qualities of a person were discussed, such as morality, honesty, truthfulness. The event was held with the aim of familiarizing with anti-corruption legislation and forming an anti-corruption culture among young people.


Students Kulshar Bekzat, Dariga Koshkinkyzy, Muratbek Shugyla, Ayazhan Zharaskanovna contributed to the hour of honesty "Honesty is a matter of conscience." Kulshar Bekzat, Zharaskanovna Ayazhan read a poem on the topic of morality, Koshkinovna Dariga spoke about honesty and justice in Zhusup Balasagun's book "Kutty Bilik". During the academic hour, 2nd year students of the educational programs "Translation Studies", "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages", "Pedagogy and Psychology", "Social Psychology and Self-Knowledge" expressed their opinion about the anti-corruption civic position. In particular, an active student of the educational program "Pedagogy and Psychology" Kamila Zhakenova answered to situational questions and said that the fight against corruption is a common cause for all of us, the task of every citizen.