Kariasy bar uidin kazynasy bar (Where the elders, there is wealth)

October 18, 2017 Associate Professor, of the Department of practical Kazakh language of the Faculty of Philology, Zhunisova ZH.A. together with the senior lecturers Gabdrakhmanov T.S held a public lecture entitled «Kariasy bar uidin kazynasy bar» («Where the elders, there is wealth») for first-year students.     Zhunisova Zh.A. began the lesson with the elderly people talk, and students prepare for their work on the same topic to share their opinions. At the lesson was attended by first-year students of the Faculty of Economics majoring tourism Baykulova Janssen Koptleuov Nurlan, Karzhaubayeva Madina Kenesbekova Karina, Kosymbetova Dana, students majoring Accounting and Auditing Sametova Asel Alina Zarina, Zhusupova Tomiris, Musangalieva Anel and 1st year student of journalism and political science Kenzhebekova Meiramkul, Sauyrbaeva Aizada, Қalieva Angela and others.

Participating students discussed a variety of opinions in the elderly environment. For example, Baykulova Zhansaya focused on the problems of nursing homes, and expressed the view that it is alien to the Kazakh people. Koptileuov Nurlan outlined that is proud of his grandfather, recalling the many facts that tell an interesting story. Kenzhebekova Meiramkul could accurately convey his thoughts. With zhurnalisticheskoy diction talking about problems pozhylyh people make the audience gluyuoko zadumatsya.


Each student recalled his weekends spent with their grandparents, giving vent to feelings. In conclusion of the lesson, the teacher and the students summed up the thoughts. Where the elders, there is wealth.