The work of the section "Digital Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages"

April 12, 2018, the annual scientific conference of young scientists and students of the Gumilev  Eurasian national university "Science and Education – 2018" was held. At the Faculty of Philology, the active work of the section "Actual Problems of Philology" was held, within the framework of which such section sessions as "Russian Philology", "Kazakh Philology", "Foreign Philology (English, French, German, Chinese)", "Theory and practice of translation " worked.

            The department of theory and practice of foreign languages ​​held a meeting on the subsection "Digital technologies and new methods in teaching foreign languages,"  an application for participation in which were submitted by 72 students of schools, students and teachers of secondary and higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan.

            The reports presented to the attention (associate professor, Ph.D. A. Abdyhalykova, senior teacher Anasheva D.K, doctor PhD Beisenbaeva L.Zh., teacher Kydyrbaeva DA) the reports covered such important in modern linguodidactics and methodical science of foreign-language education aspects like:

- digital learning technologies

- a system for assessing the knowledge of students

- teaching various aspects of the language (reading, writing, speaking, etc.)

- the use of different genre texts in teaching a foreign language.

            After listening to all the speakers, the commission came to the following conclusions: The 1st degree diploma was awarded to Neil Pishanova, a 11th grade student of the Nazarbayev  Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in the city of Taraz with a report in English "The ways of using Kazakh folk fairy tales in Russian as a foreign language setting ".

Diplomas of the 2-nd degree  received two participants: Aset Aldabergenov, research assistant of the Foreign Languages Department of  the Gumilev  Eurasian national university with the report "Linguistic terms and devices in MMO and video computer games as a source of building students' vocabulary" and Anel Toktarova, 4th year student of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages (English)"  of the Gumilev  Eurasian national university with the report "Exact sciences and English lessons' interrelation in discourse of CLIL"

Diplomas of the 3rd degree were awarded to Gulnaz Toyshybekova, teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages of Taraz State Pedagogical University with a report in Kazakh language "Informative-communicative Internet technology in the field of education" and Gulzat Kusepova, a second-year  master  student  of the specialty "Foreign Language: two foreign languages" of the Gumilev  Eurasian national university with a report in Russian "Features of teaching language skills in the English language."

The Commission also highlighted the report of Aisha Hakimzhan, a 11 th  grade  student  of the School-gymnasium 31 in Astana on the theme "Formation of the culture of the speech of the English language through song art" and handed her a Letter of Gratitude from the rector  of the Gumilev  Eurasian national university

The Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​sincerely congratulates all young winners and their scientific leaders on their achievements in science!