The final conference on the pedagogical practice of students of the group FL-31, FL -32 and FL -35

On May 10, 2020, at 12:00, the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages held an on-line final conference on the pedagogical practice of 3rd year students of the groups FL-31, FL-32 and FL-35. Heads and subject teachers of schools - gymnasiums No. 72, 87, 22 and 66 of Nur-Sultan, as well as the leadership of our university represented by the head of the practice of L.N. Gumilyov ENU Ural Kalievna Kilibaeva.

Zhanna Alibievna Beisembaeva, Head of Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, made a welcoming speech and a good wish in holding the final conference. Then the word was taken by the head of the practice of. L.N. Gumilyov ENU Ural Kalievna Kilibaeva, who noted that the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​is one of the many departments at the faculty and the university as a whole, which has a wide network of basic schools where students undergo both educational and pedagogical and industrial practice.


The first final report was made by students of the FL-31 A. Zeynollaeva, K. Zhumagul, A. Haumenova, who had practice at the gymnasium school number 87. Next, the reports of students K. Nurdalla, B. Otegen, and M. Kasimova, who had internships at gymnasium No. 72. The prepared presentations fully covered all areas of our students' activities, namely creative lessons and interesting extra-curricular activities. Photos of students and pupils of schools were presented.

Also, reports on the work done with schools were made by 18 students of the FL-32 group with meaningful presentations, telling about a sense of responsibility for their work with students. Students actually realized the profession of a teacher and revised their attitude to teaching in general. The understanding of the importance of the quality of education has grown.

Students of this group FL-32, who had practice at lyceum school No. 72, spoke about getting to know the school administration, subject teachers and class teachers. They also talked about their classes at school before quarantine and then remotely, showing lesson plans, materials, tests, and games.

Students who completed internships at gymnasium No. 66 and at Daryn gymnasium also presented their experience working with students. For example, N. Alypbek, S., Amangeldi, M. Medenova G. Nurzazieva, Ә. Nuymat pointed out that the teacher’s work is responsible, difficult, but interesting.

The following words were presented to school teachers who took an active part in the online conference. For example, the collective of lyceum school No. 72 was present at the conference of 8 people, each gave a characterization to students. It was nice to hear the positive feedback from representatives of basic schools, which were noted by some responsible students, such as: A. Zeynollaev, K. Zhumagul, B. Өtegen, N. Alypbek, S., Amangeldi, D. Koshkin and others. It was nice to hear positive feedback from the deputy director Gulnur Lesbekkyzy Dolanova, responsible for educational work Bakhyt Kanapiyanovany Kanapina.

Further, the leaders of the practice of Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, D. K. Anasheva R. U. Latanova and A. A. Baybatyrov, and social pedagogy and self-knowledge A. E. Botabaev, M. P. Asylbekov, M. M. Rakhimzhanov, who also gave a whole, spoke positive assessment of past practice, as well as some comments. For example, a proposal was made to conduct practice in the 3rd year with a margin from the educational process.

At the end, the head of Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, Zh. A. Beisembaeva, thanked all the conference participants for their work and active participation in the conference.