On May 12, the senior curator of the Department of Kazakh Linguistics G. B. Mamaeva organized an online conference “The fight against corruption is the responsibility of every citizen." The main goal of the conference is to expand students' knowledge about corruption and ways to combat it. The conference opened under the chairmanship of the dean of the philological faculty A.B. Beisenbay. During the event, students presented video facts and presented specific facts about the epidemic of corruption in society. The moderator was a student of the group KLL-23 A.E. Zhumabaeva, she asked students special questions as part of a corruption quiz. The conference was attended by the specialist of the anti-corruption department of the city Nur-Sultan A.N. Kenebaeva; employee of the city outreach staff at the Department of Anti-Corruption Service of Nur-Sultan, head of the project office of ENU "Adep", candidate of law sciences E.E. Nugymanov; Director of the Department of Social and Civil Development of ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov R.A. Alkozha, and professors of the Department of Kazakh Linguistics G.O.Syzdykova and L.A. Espekova shared their thoughts. Students of the groups KLL-21, KLL-23, PhKL-31 also expressed their opinion on corruption.